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MongoDB for Beginners

About the Program

MongoDB is an extremely mainstream NoSQL database that is scalable and fast.  

This course will get you acquainted with this extraordinary database and arm you with the basic skills to begin exploring  MongoDB to control and maintain your software application.

Each module will also include interactive examples to help you understand the MongoDB server. 

This MongoDB for Beginner  course will help you understand how to:

  • Download and run MongoDB
  • Control and query data
  • Creating a Replica set.
  • And enhance you with essential skills required to start using MongoDB instances


Course Duration: 30 minutes (Approximately) Self -Paced Course

Anyone can attend this program who wants to learn NoSQL tools and techniques to understand the server application. The program is designed in such a way that anyone  can learn easily and can benefit from this online program, who wants to make their career in Web Development, Big Data or in Data Science There is no prior requirement knowledge to pursue this program


  •     Graduate and Postgraduate Students
  •     Students Pursuing Engineering 
  •     Who wants to make career in Data Science and Big Data
  •     Who wants to make career in Web Development
  •      Who Wants to make career in NoSQL Database
  1. Replication of secondary server
  2. Creation of Database and Collections
  3. Basic queries like count(),$gt, sort()……
  4. Back up of data and its restore
  5. Familiar with MongoDB interview questions and answer

Is there any system requirement?
Yes. You will need access to a computer with:
Operating System: Windows 8+ (64-bit)
Web Browser: Firefox 39.0+ or Chrome 43+ 

Should I have to spend a specific hour of the day to learn the course?
No. This course is self-paced learning and will be separated into short pre-recorded video portions with periodic assessments to keep an eye on your advancement.

Will I have the option to find support?
Yes. Contact us @ with your query. Our expert team will contact you.

Do I need any Programming Knowledge?
No. MongoDB isn’t a programming language all by itself, however it supports a few other programing languages like JavaScript, Python, C#, C++, Ruby, and some more.

Is MongoDB simple to learn?
MogoDB is in reality easy and simple to learn, and this course will help you to walk through all that you have to know to begin MongoDB instances.